Controlling the Shot

Normally, I would crop the bottom of this type of image or Photoshop out the distracting object but here’s a rare glimpse into how I take control of the subject when creating a photo. There was a slight breeze this day and when I was trying to get the shot of this flower it kept swaying. Well, that was just unacceptable so I showed her who was boss by getting a firm grip on her. This technique doesn’t work quite as well with people and would likely land me in jail. So, I recommend you use this technique only in appropriate situations. 

Update: Shirley mentioned it would be nice to see the cropped/Photoshopped version of this flower so I have added the second image.

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  1. shirley

    Thanks for sharing that. It’s cool to get a behind-the-scenes look. I would love to see a cropped/photo shopped version of this photo, too. I *love* the texture of the background behind/around the flower!

  2. Thanks Shirley. I agree, I would also like to see a cropped version for comparison. At 9pm last night I decided I didn’t have time to do the cropped/Photoshopped version in time for today (still getting over the cold and needed my rest) Maybe this weekend I will and I’ll update this blog post.

  3. Melissa

    Way to take control of that sassy little flower! Feel better and have a wonderful weekend.

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