Logan Bound

It started off looking as if we were going to have a perfect sky for the sunset. I had parked at the Hull High School with a bunch of other people waiting to see the sunset when this band of clouds rolled in. A bit of a bummer but there was still enough light to take shots so not all was lost. This plane is heading to Logan and I’m sure the people on the plane had a peak at a pretty nice sunset from where they were sitting.

I found it interesting and strange that while I had the camera set up and was waiting for the sun to set, I was standing among all these strangers and yet we sort of had this bond. We were all there to see the sunset, as if we were drawn there to share in the experience of one day ending and another soon to begin (which I guess we were). I even had a conversation with the guy standing next to me with his family, just talking about the sunset and much about nothing.

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  1. This is a dramatic and beautiful shot. I really love it. I also love the kind of community you describe, which though short in duration, still adds something warm and positive to our days.

  2. Great catch, Jamie. Love the blues in the clouds and the plane coming in.

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