Pawtucket Red Sox: Base Running

Well, only the first shot actually shows someone running the bases. The second shot had the batter being out and the third shot the batter was walked so Ellsbury was walking to second base.

I think the first shot was my best shot of the night. It was the only shot I took that really felt like there was action in the shot (at least to me).

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  1. Nice shots Jamie, great clarity and sharpness on all of them. You must have a decent telephoto lens. Like the first one too, nice action shot. Excellent details on the third one.

  2. Thank you, John. I wish it was my lens but an even better story is that it was a fan sitting next to me that offered me his 100-400mm lens to use for a few innings. How incredibly generous is that?! I had a great time using the lens and now have to figure out how I’m going to save for an “L” lens.

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