Pawtucket Red Sox: Pitching

Sitting just in front of me at the game was a couple from Canada (Bob and Mary Jane). They were driving around New England and thought they would catch a ballgame while in Rhode Island. Lucky for me I picked the same night to be at the ballgame. Bob had a Canon G10 with him (which is one I’ve wanted as a point & shoot) and he mentioned he had a Rebel like mine out in his car. After talking cameras for a few minutes Bob left his seat and came back telling me he had a special surprise for me. Yes, that sounds a little creepy coming from a stranger but he brought back with him a Canon 100-400mm L lens and told me to put it on my camera!! I was shocked and humbled that someone I didn’t even know would allow me use their $1600 lens. Of course, now I have lens envy and I need to start saving for a professional lens.

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  1. shirley

    I love stranger stories like that. The pictures are incredible, good luck saving up for the lens!

  2. Thank you!

  3. Melissa

    Those crazy Canadians!

  4. Too bad he wasn’t crazy insane and given me the lens!

  5. How cool…and you did that lens justice with this great series of shots!

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