Deb & Rob’s Wedding

This is my cousin Debbi and her husband Rob. Last year they asked if I would take photos at their wedding. I volunteered to take video (as I’m more comfortable with it) but they said they just wanted still images. Videotaping a wedding is a little nerve wracking and photographing one was even more so. But, Deb said there was no pressure and she was sure whatever I took would be fine. I knew it would be a very good learning experience for me and hopefully something would come out. 

Knowing it was going to be an outside wedding, I did a lot of reading up on fill-flash. Although, they were extremely lucky with the weather. It rained for about 5 days before the wedding, and a few days after. Their wedding day really was the only sunny day out of about 2 weeks. Of course, the sunny weather was my most difficult challenge. I definitely had to use a flash to fill in their faces since the background was so bright. I did okay, except it a lot of shots I was too far away from them for the flash to do much. It I blew out the sky it just about every shot! Thank goodness for Lightroom and Photoshop!! I had to do a lot of tweaking to the sky and some adjustments to the top of Rob’s head (sorry Rob). The scenery was so picturesque, with the bride so beautiful and the groom so handsome that I did get some shots that I was happy with (for a first time wedding). 

Not sure I would want to shoot a wedding again. Maybe if I owned/rented a better camera body and lens and practices more with fill-flash. However, it was good experience and I really have respect for those who make a living at it.

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  1. Anonymous

    Great pictures Jamie. You did a wonderful job. Love the bottom one – you captured the moment perfectly.

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