White Petals

This week we have a bunch of flower shots. Some were taken at the D. Ramler Park and others at the Rose Garden. Both located in the Fenway area. 

We’ve had some pretty warm weather the past month. One day was close to 90º and I decided I’d get out of the office for lunch and take a walk with the camera. I ended up in D.D. Ramler Park where I have taken many photos before. Since I was at work I had access to the macro lens and decided to only use that lens for the hour. It’s a great lens but it doesn’t have a stabilizer in it. Which means any little shake is picked up. It was so hot I was sweating and swaying and was happy with any photo that came out in focus (many didn’t).

I desaturated this image just a little. I felt the bright green was a bit distracting from the white petals. I like these more subtle colors.

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  1. I really like the tones and processing of this image…nice!

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