Completely LOST

I’m not sure it will hit me until Tuesday, when I go to turn on LOST, that my six year relationship with the series is now over! It’s been a great run. In the past few years it’s been rare for me to find a show that I am completely and hopelessly devoted to. It use to be Heroes but we grew apart and the relationship sort of fizzled out at the end. With LOST I feel we grew together and while I’m sad to say goodbye I’m glad it’s leaving on a high note.

Besides loving the show I love that it was a hit with most of my family. When the first season came out on DVD my nephews came over and we had a LOST weekend. We watched the entire first season in one weekend. We had to get up early and stay up late to fit it all in but we had a lot of fun watching it together. I love that my mom and my aunt are also fans of the show (also my cousins, brother and sister-in-law). My aunt would email me theories and insights and when we saw each other we would discuss what we thought of the week’s events. In Florida, Mom and I would curl up on the couch glued to the TV while dad played on the computer in the other room. It gave the show extra meaning being able to enjoy it with my family.

A little about the photo: the Completely LOST background is a t-shirt my aunt gave me for my birthday. The Sawyer action figure was also given to me by my aunt a couple years ago. The funny thing about the letter. The letter came with the action figure but everyone who sees it asks me if I wrote it. Okay, I may be a die hard fan but I didn’t go so far as to sit down and write out Sawyer’s letter to the man that ‘killed’ his parents…because I didn’t have to 🙂


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  1. Great capture. I think we’re all feeling a little LOST this morning.

  2. Jamie

    I’m also feeling extremely tired!

  3. It’ll be a long time before we see another show on television as good as Lost. Great characters as well as excellent writing, acting and directing is hard to accomplish year-after-year for six seasons.
    We’ll all have to get together several winters from now and watch the re-runs on DVD.
    FYI, Time magazine also has a recap posted online…

  4. Melissa

    Can’t believe it’s over. I have to say, I’m sort of ambivalent with the ending. It’ll take some time to sink in. Great post, Jamie!

  5. Chris

    I can’t wait for the sequel…FOUND! Until then, I guess we’ll have to find a new show.

  6. Aunt Jud

    Great picture Jamie! Watched it a day later cause we were at the beach. I think I’m still a little “Lost,” not quite sure what happened…have to watch it again. It sure has been a thrill of a ride though.

  7. This is great Jamie – like the desaturated color and overall composite. (I am/was a LOST fan; however, the ending didn’t really resonate with me.)

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