Rooftop Pool

I was asked about a month or so ago if I could take pictures for an apartment complex in Boston. One of the shots I had to take was of the pool on the roof. How cool a view is this?! It took two tries to get the photos I needed (these aren’t the final ones). The first time I was on the roof it was extremely windy. I would get my shot ready and then a gust of wind would blow the tops of the chairs down. So, I’d go over and fix them, get my shot ready and whoosh, the wind would mess it up again. When one of the small chairs flew up in the air and landed in the pool (which luckily was empty) I knew it was time to pack up. I went back last week to try again. Although, it was windy again it wasn’t nearly as bad as the first try. This time I had them set up less chairs and was able to get the shot I needed (we also added a couple of people in the final shot).

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  1. Very Cool!

  2. Wow…that is really cool-love the wide angles…great job!

  3. shirley

    Wow…very cool!

  4. Chris

    Nice shots. How much is the rent?

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