A Return to Italy

Last year at this time Chris, Karen and I were exploring the beautiful Italian landscape. This year Chris and Karen ventured off to Mexico without me. I don’t blame them since it was an early 20th anniversary celebration. I’m looking forward to hearing about their trip but I’m sure it wasn’t as nice as our trip to Italy 🙂

This shot was taken on the Isle of Capri. I think Capri may have been one of my most favorite spots. Although, the bus ride to the top was my least favorite part of the trip. Such fantastic views from all ends of the island. If you click here you can see a few pictures from last year and my story of the bus ride.

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  1. shirley

    Where does that door lead to ? 🙂

  2. I think it leads to the hidden elevator that the residents use, instead of taking the horrendous bus ride up and down the mountain!

  3. This is a gorgeous shot…love the cloudscape! Intriguing door!

  4. Thanks for the memory, Jamie. Mexico was great. We did a lot less walking on this trip! Of course, without you there, we have a less pictures to show!

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