The Tiki Hut in Jupiter is one of our favorite locations. While sitting outside under a tiki umbrella, eating a hot dog, this is the view I have of the Jupiter Lighthouse.

With this photo I used my new Photoshop plugin called Topaz Adjust. It has creative exposure presets that you can tweak to get some pretty nice results (I’m still learning it). I use to have the Dynamic Pro HDR plugin for Photoshop but then I purchased my new 27″ iMac (sweet) and the plugin was a PC version. I bought the computer in mid-February and at that time also purchased Adobe’s Creative Suite 4 (CS4) Master Collection. This past Monday they announced the release of CS5. Of course the updates to CS5 look awesome but having just purchased CS4 there’s no way I can justify (or pay) for a new upgrade. Seeing all the hype over CS5 makes me want the new version and bums me out that I probably should have waited and bought this version. However, in February when I searched for the release of CS5 most people were predicting in wouldn’t come out until Sept. or Oct. and I couldn’t wait that long. Instead I keep reminding myself that CS4 is better than what I had plus I have the Master Collection which has about 8 programs I don’t even know how to use yet. Thank goodness for tax returns and education pricing or I never would have been able to afford any of it.