Rainy Day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…

This has been the view out my window at work for the past few days (and month). The TV screen just had a text scroll go by that said we are in a state-of-emergency. Rivers over flowing, people being evacuated from their homes and basements filling up with a foot or more of water. So far this March is the second wettest on record. Of course we could pass the record today if this keeps up. On the bright side (ha, ha) when the sun does come out it will feel extra bright and warm.

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  1. We, and the Florida sunshine, are waiting for you.

  2. We had snow here in PA Jamie. Good news, the weather is going to turn warmer and sunnier. Great shot through the window, lovely effect from the raindrops.

  3. Jason G

    I recognize that view!

  4. my mother had her water heater underwater in the basement twice…meanwhilei n the pacific northwest
    we were in shorts in dead of winter..go figure

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