Father and Daughter

After getting up early to get my sunrise photos I thought I’d be taking a nap during the afternoon. However, with the temps in the 70s I couldn’t not be outside. I ended up going to my cousins house and we sat around in lawn chairs chatting away while the kids played on the swing set. Then my cousin and his daughter went inside to change to get ready for their first father/daughter dance. Don’t they look adorable?! They had a wonderful time and even won first prize in the raffle. 

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  1. shirley

    Great portrait!

  2. Yes, great picture.I love it.

  3. Melissa

    What a lovey Dad & Daughter! I like when you take portraits.

  4. Well, I had great subjects so I was able to get a good picture. I find portraits to be the most challenging. It’s not easy to make people feel relaxed around a camera. These two were naturals.

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