Happy Birthday, Dad!! Hope you have a great day!

When I visit Florida we like to drive around and see how the other half lives. We cruised around Jupiter Island and drove down one of the streets that I believe may have said “members only.” At the end of this street was this croquet court. I’m not sure why but it made me laugh that they had this fancy croquet court and people dressed in their all white outfits. I suppose it could be jealousy…I can never wear white because I always drop food on myself. Off the same street is this cute little Wine & Spirit Shop. So, after a hard day of playing croquet you can pick up a nice bottle of wine. Or maybe you get the wine first and have it while you play.

The black at the bottom of the first shot is the car window. I was sitting in the back seat trying to secretly grab this shot. Since we were trespassing we didn’t get out of the car. We just did a quick drive by.

It rained for four days straight and yesterday we finally got a sunny day. However, there were still many issues from the storm. Yesterday, I drove to the train station instead of the commuter rail. What usually takes 15 minutes took about 40 minutes. Two roads were closed which backed traffic up for miles. On the way home two traffic signals were out, one being the signal for the commuter rail. Kind of scary to go over the tracks not knowing if the signal was working correctly and hoping no train was coming. Another road was closed due to the water at the bottom of the road being too deep to drive through. I’m amazed at how many people will drive through these puddles lakes.