These logs are not debris from the current storm but one from over 100 years ago. There is an old shipwreck buried under the front beach on my aunt and uncle’s property. It’s believed this is a ship from the 1800s that was carried away from Plymouth by a storm and grounded on Saquish. We’ve been able to see pieces of the debris over the years but with each storm more and more of it is being uncovered. Unfortunately, I don’t have a very good wide shot of it. Actually, I just discovered if you look at the bottom photo from Monday’s shot you can see a wider shot that shows the logs sticking out of the sand.

I could be wrong about the facts in the shipwreck story so if you know it please chime in with the real information.

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  1. Anonymous

    My guess is it’s the remains of the ship Black Rock. Legend has it that after being ‘lost’ for many years it is believed to have washed up off the coast of Massachusetts.
    Careful when walking the beach…. you may run into Jacob.

  2. As you can see, I have a shot of the Lighthouse in the background (I’ve actually seen Jack at the lighthouse). Maybe next time I’ll take a picture of the Temple and run into some of the Others.

  3. A picture that definitely has a story to tell…like your perspective here!

  4. Aunt Jud

    This shot is going to be in next years calendar, it’s wonderful!

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