River Restaurants

Maybe it’s not a river but on the right side are a couple of restaurants along this waterway. I like that you can either drive to these restaurants or just pull up in your boat.

So, yesterday I entered a photo into an iPhone contest. The rules are that you had to take a photo with an iPhone and only use an iPhone app to make an edits. I had been using my iPhone to take pictures during my vacation to put on Facebook. The photo I took at the airport seemed to come out the best. If you’d like to vote for my photo (or just see it) you can find it here. Or if you want to enter your own iPhone photo follow the link and go to the About page. Only 8 days left to enter.

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  1. Hi Jamie,
    Great shot but the contest appears to be judged and dosen’t seem to allow for voting. Am I missing something?

  2. You click on the # of stars (below the image) you want to give the photo (5 being best). However, I just did that and you have to register in order to vote. I’m not even sure how the contest works. Maybe it’s just judged and the voting doesn’t count or maybe the top votes are the ones that get judged.
    Anyway, seems like a lot of effort to register just to vote for one photo.
    Hope it’s warming up in Florida.

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