North Carolina

Our drive down to Florida was a little more eventful this year. It was strange that the further south we drove the more snow we encountered. Typically, we drive 10 hours on the first day but 6.5 hours into the drive we hit the beginning of the snow storm that was blanketing DC/Baltimore/North Carolina. We decided to pull over and wait out the storm at the bottom of New Jersey. The next day we got a little later start in hopes that North Carolina would be plowed out by the time we passed through. The second day we made it down to the border of North/South Carolina. We were past the snow marker but this area had gotten an ice storm instead. 

This shot was taken from the backseat of the car. It’s hard to make out but the white on the trees is all ice.

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  1. Gorgeous sky. That is eventful! Ice storms are frightening…

  2. Really pretty sky…great light and great silhouettes of the trees. I forget that you all drive to Florida!

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