is worth an interesting shot. After taking photos in the Public Garden I continued my walk over to Copley Plaza. This bronze statue is located in front of the McKim Building (part of the Boston Public Library).  There are two statues in front of this building. I believe they represent the “arts” and “sciences.” This would be the statue of the sciences.

Typically, when I process images in Lightroom I add clarity to them. It enhances the contrast and usually makes images look sharper. With this image I was playing with the clarity and it instead of sliding the clarity to the right (to enhance it) I had slid it to the left. I thought, “oops” and slid it to the right but then realized I liked the look it gave the image with negative clarity better. What it ended up doing was that it kept the woman’s face in focus but added a slight blur to the rest of the image. There already was a little blur to the hand as I had focused on the face and wanted the foreground blurred. But the negative clarity also added some blur to the background without blurring the face.