Winter in the Park

After we had the weekend snowstorm at the beginning of the month I decided to take the DSLR to work with me that Monday. I took the train to South Station and then walked over to the Public Garden. It was a very pretty walk through the Boston Commons and the Public Garden. Once I was engrossed in the photography I mostly forgot about how cold it was and quickly lost track of time. I think I arrived at work an hour later than usual. 

This is the George Washington statue near the Arlington Street entrance of the Public Garden.

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  1. Great shot Jamie. I love the sky in this picture.
    You should take this same shot again in July.

  2. Thanks, Jack. I had the same idea about taking this shot again in the Spring. I thought I had already done a shot like this but it was more of a close-up of the statue. I’ll try to remember to go back and take another pano.

  3. Nice wide angle… The scalloped fencing on the left caught my eye…in a good way 🙂

  4. This is a wonderful shot, Jamie…I love the wide angle. The Commons looks so beautiful in the snow! I really want to visit Boston in the winter…maybe next year.

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