I Didn’t Leave

Not all leaves fall of the trees and plants during the Fall. The color of these leaves caught my eye. I think they look so pretty against the white snow.

I borrowed the macro lens from work during vacation and used it for this shot. It’s always interesting to see where it will blur the image. I used a 2.8 f-stop which really gave it a small depth of field.  I found it very interesting that part of the leaf is in focus while another piece is out of focus. I kind of like it that way.

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  1. Very interesting. I love it!
    As you were taking the picture could you see the way the leaves went from being in focus to out, or was that discovered later?
    I think I would have so much fun with a macro lens…

  2. Mostly I was so focus on trying to get the area I wanted in focus I didn’t notice as much what was out of focus. I was focusing on the top (bottom) leaf so I knew the leaf below it (top) would be out of focus. I didn’t realize parts of it would also be in focus.
    I like the macro lens but it is very sensitive when focusing. Plus it does not have an image stabilizer in this lens so a slight movement will make it go out of focus. It’s hard not to move your hands when they are shaking from the cold weather!

  3. Fantastic shot with great shallow depth of field…nice macro!
    And it hit 70 degrees here today…hopefully the warmer weather will be here for you when you visit FL!

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