Squirrel Snack

A couple weeks ago when I brought my camera to work I walked through the Central Burying Ground located in the Boston Commons. I spotted this squirrel and decided to follow him with my camera. He ended up taking a quick snack break. The name on the tomb was Ebenezer (Dorr) which seemed approprite being so close to Christmas. I just love how she grips food with her little hands. I’m sure I’ll be snacking on a lot of food tonight.

So long to 2009!

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  1. I love squirrels…funny, but we were also very entertained by one of your Boston squirrels in the Commons when we were there this past summer…he was working very hard hiding a nut in the ground and just couldn’t decide where to leave it…I think he must have moved it 10 times. Maybe it was the same fellow, who knows?!
    Happy New Year, Jamie!

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