Outside My Window

Today is the first day of winter but it really blew into town yesterday. This is what I woke up to yesterday morning. It was our first big storm of the season and it was a whopper! I ended up going down to my parents house on Saturday so I could get snowed in with them. Now that they have a generator it’s not likely that they’ll lose power. When we were kids we didn’t have a generator and it seemed as if we lost power often. The biggest problem with losing power is that we have well water so when the power goes so does the plumbing. We would always fill the tub with water before a storm was due. Luckily, you could keep food cold by putting it outside in the cold. During the blizzard of ’78 we lost power for a week! Thankfully, we had a nice big fireplace that could fit the hibachi to cook up steaks, burgers and hotdogs. Looking back now it doesn’t seem as if it was so bad but at the time I’m sure it wasn’t much fun after a day or two.

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