The sails in yesterday’s image are of this ship called Europa. It is from Amesterdam. I wish I could have gotten a better shot of the boat. It was really crowded on the pier when I took the top image so I tried standing on part of a concrete wall to be able to shot over people’s heads.

“Since 1994 the barque EUROPA has roamed the seas of the world and built up the reputation of a ship that really sails. A professional crew of 14 and a complement of 48 voyage crewmembers of all ages and nationalities sail her. Tall Ships enthusiasts, some with no sailing experience, take the wheel, hoist the yards, navigate, etc. In a light breeze 30 sails bellow from EUROPA, taking her towards the horizon.”

Reference: Bark Europa

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  1. Now I did see these two…I had a time trying to get a clean shot of them too. Persistence paid off…great shot!

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