Tall Ships

On Friday July 10th, I left work a little early and made my way to the Boston waterfront. The Tall Ships had just sailed into the harbor the day before. I knew it would be crowded (and it sure was) but I decided to fight my way through the crowds to get a couple shots. Plus, it was a gorgeous day to walk around the waterfront.

“The trans-Atlantic regatta will start in Vigo, Spain. From there the fleet will race to Tenerife in the Canary Islands, en route to Bermuda. The fleet will then race to Charleston, South Carolina before racing to Boston, for Sail Boston 2009. From Boston the fleet will cruise in company north to Halifax, Canada. From there the fleet will race back across the North Atlantic to Belfast, Northern Ireland.”

Reference: SailBoston.com

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  1. Anonymous

    I thought they’d be bigger…

  2. Ha, ha. Good point!

  3. Nice shot!

  4. What a cool sculpture…somehow I missed this when we were there for the Tall Ships. What a great shot to kick off this series!

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