Patriotic Pilgrim

Seeing as this is the week of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d dig through the photos I took last year at Plimoth Plantation and see if there were any worth posting for this week. Who knew Patriot fans went as far back as 1620?! I’m writing this post on Saturday as I will be driving back from NJ today (Monday). Hopefully, the Patriot’s won yesterday’s game and we didn’t have a repeat of the week before!

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  1. Nice shot…I like the use of antique-ing for the background. Did you set this up or come upon the hat as is?
    Love having you in bed in the next room as I type this 🙂

  2. I just came across this hat on the pole. Not sure if someone put it there because they found it on the ground or if someone place it there on purpose.

  3. What a fun find! Love it-Go Pats (and Falcons)!

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