Rat Attack

When I walk to work I typically stop at a convenience store near the Northeastern campus. This giant rat had been across the street from the store for many weeks. I think it was put there as part of a union protest. One day I came out of the store and saw this truck with garbage parked in front of the rat and knew I had to take a picture. It really looks as if the rat would love to rip through those trash bags.

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  1. Fun 🙂

  2. Classic. This is a really funny shot. Right place at the right time for this one.

  3. Kevin Shea

    That’s one of the funniest pictures I’ve seen in a long time….made me smile and laugh out loud! I love the fact that you were in tune enough to capture this. I bet a thousand people walked by without even batting an eye. Nice job.

  4. Seriously funny shot!! Can’t look at it without smiling 🙂

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