Scenic View

We took a different route home and came across this scenic overlook. I’m not actually sure what town we were in. I’m not even sure if we were still in Maine or had crossed over into New Hampshire. We were probably still in Maine.

When we were leaving Maine it was the last day of the Fryeburg Fair. We were low on gas and planned on filling up in Fryeburg. Only thing was we needed to take a left but the gas station was further up the street. This meant we would have to pass our turn get gas and then turn around. Well, traffic was backed up for miles on the other side of the street. If we went to that gas station we would be sitting in traffic quiet a while waiting to get back to our turn. Instead we decided to take the turn and find another gas station along the way. It’s seemed liked we had gone a long way before we even came to another gas station. I was happy to see the sign as we were now driving on “E”. My dad went in to pay for the gas and came out smiling and shaking his head. Seems they were out of gas! Nothing else to do but keep on driving. Dad had faith that we had enough gas but I kept looking over thinking I hope we don’t run out. It’s a long way to walk in Maine and most of it up hill! We did finally find a gas station and I was able to relax and enjoy the scenery the rest of the ride.

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  1. The light looks surreal… Glad you didn’t run out of gas 🙂

  2. I really love the cloudscape and lovely colors and light.

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