Reflection on Cushman Pond

We didn’t see the sun alot when we were in Maine but on the last day it did come out. I really like how the mountain reflects on the water. Jack, Mom, Dad and I hiked around the pond after we had a big breakfast. It was cool out but once you got going it felt really good.

Anyone who watched the Patriot’s game yesterday knows that it was snowing in Foxboro! Awesome game by the Pats! Although, the whole time I was watching I just kept thinking, I’m not ready for the winter weather.

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  1. Wow…unreal…I love hiking in the woods…

  2. Great picture Jamie. I might have to make this my new desktop background.

  3. Yes, I also love walking in the woods. So many things to see and listen for.
    Jack, I think I like tomorrow’s shot better. A closer shot of this image.

  4. This is a beautiful fall photograph. A really nice capture of a beautful Maine day.

  5. Wow…this is just a gorgeous shot, Jamie. Love the reflections-crystal clear!

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