Webb Memorial on the Water

All these summer shots of boats on the water was almost having me yearn for a sailboat. I say almost because I’m not sure I would want the responsibility of a boat. Instead, I’m hoping my brother, Jack will get one someday and then take me for a sail!

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  1. Someday Jamie. Someday……

  2. Isn’t that a prerequisite for living in the Cape area?! 😉
    Know what you mean…we live next to the coast and I wish one of our friends wouldy buy one so I could tag along for the rides.
    Like the framing in these-particularily the first shot!

  3. Susan, one of my uncles has always had a boat so I was able to go out on the ocean with him. Unfortunately I don’t see him as often these days. However, both my brothers and my aunt own kayaks so I am able to go kayaking quite often.
    Jack, maybe before retirement you’ll have yourself a little sailboat.

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