Full Moon & Pilgrim Monument

Not only did we have beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the Labor Day weekend we also had an amazing full moon. The top two shots were taking from the bluff where the Gurnet Lighthouse is located. Besides the amazing full moon the other really cool thing in this shot is that you can see Pilgrim Monument off in the distance. Pilgrim Monument happens to be located in Provincetown! For those who don’t know where Saquish is in proximity to Provincetown I’ve included a map. The monument is located pretty much where it says “Provincetown Harbor”. I’m not sure what the distance is from Saquish to Provincetown but it’s not often you can see it so clearly. On very crisp clear days you can see land but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it like this at night.

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  1. Amazing. I particularly like the second shot.

  2. Excellent shots Jamie. I like the first shot myself. If you hadn’t mentioned it was a full moon I would have thought it was the sun rising.

  3. That must have been amazing to see in person.

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