The bottom image is the original photo taken out at Saquish. It looked so much like a watercolor painting I thought I would try adding the watercolor filter to it in Photoshop. A pretty subtle difference between the two if you ask me. Any thoughts on which you prefer?


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  1. That is an interesting experiment! I prefer the bottom one…the color of the water, in particular, in comparison…

  2. Hey….I like the water color one…that’s really neat!

  3. The bottom shot is beautiful just the way it is.

  4. I like the boat in the watercolor, but I prefer your original background.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. Looks like I should have created a third image with a mixture of these two. Something else I could try.

  6. I like the original bottom image the best… it has a great look to it. I have never been a real fan of photoshops watercolor effect… but I am sure that is just a personal preference.

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