Excavating: Capo Di Bove

I’m not positive but I think this excavation was at Capo Di Bove along the Appian Way. After we had visited the Spanish Steps we took the subway and then a bus to bring us to the Appian Way. I can’t imagine how much time they must spend measuring and counting every section of these ruins. I think I’d rather do the digging then the measuring.

Just off to the left, by the wooden fence, is where I discovered these beautiful flowers. Aren’t they gorgeous?!


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  1. Shirley

    Appian Way…there’s a street in Cambridge called that 🙂 Brings back memories. The flowers look like camellias, which we had in our backyard in Sacramento. There must have been a lot of them in Sac…the kids’ school was called the Camellia Waldorf school.

  2. Definitely Capo di Bove! 🙂

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