Fontana del Moro

The Fontana del Moro is found in Rome’s Piazza Navona. Piazza Novona is the most famous baroque square in Rome, built on the site of the ancient athletic stadium of Domitian. The fountain has statues of four Tritons and the basin is made of special antique rose marble. In 1654, Bernini carved the central figure, a muscular Triton riding a dolphin, that resembles a “Moor.”

Just an update to those who followed last week’s posts where I showed photos I took on the Scott Kelby Second Annual Worldwide Photo Walk. I had entered two of the images into the photo contest but neither image was picked. Of course it wasn’t about winning the contest but all about the experience- which I really enjoyed! If anyone is interested in seeing the submitted photos and the winner you can go here (scroll down the page): Boston Financial District Photo Walk

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  1. Amazing fountain-wonderful detail in this shot as well.

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