Through the Water Fountain

Here we have the second most popular pick from those I polled and one that I entered into the contest. This was one of my top picks. I think it may have more to do with what it took to get the shot than the image itself. I literally stood had to stand in this fountain to get the shot. I was soaking wet by the time I was happy with what I captured. It was a pretty muggy day so I really didn’t mind and I had on a pair of quick dry pants.

This fountain is in the Post Office Square Park. It’s a small park located in the Financial District. It’s very pretty and I spent a lot of time here during the Photo Walk.

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  1. I feel cooler just viewing this photo. Nice shot.

  2. Your work paid off… this is a perspective you just don’t see… good job! And it cooled you off meanwhile!

  3. Fantastic perspective-very creative-love it! How did you keep your camera from getting wet?

  4. The camera did get a little wet, mostly just the lens. I would jump in, take a few shots, then get out and see what I had. I’d wipe the lens off and try it again. The water was mostly splashing at my feet so I was lucky not to have a lot of water droplets on the lens.

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