The Arch of Constantine

This phot was taken while I was standing upstairs in the Colosseum. In the foreground is the Arch of Constantine and in the back right corner you can see the Arch of Titus.

“This Triumphal Arch was dedicated in AD 315 to celebrate Constantine’s victory three years before over his co-emperor, Maxentius.

Constantine claimed he owed his victory to a vision of Christ, but there is nothing Christian about the arch – in fact, most of the medallions, reliefs and statues were scavenged from earlier monuments. There are statues of Dacian prisoners taken from Trajan’s Forum and reliefs of Marcus Aurelius, including one where he distributes bread to the poor.”

Reference: Italy Guides


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  1. Great perspective and detail! I’ve really been enjoying your many gorgeous photos of Italy! I would love to travel there one day-it’s on my list, but in the meantime I can be a voyeur through your pictorial!
    Speaking of travel…I miss Boston! Beautiful city you live in with so much to offer. Look forward to our next visit-whenever that may be! Again, so great meeting you and Shirley!

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