Okay, I’ve said it over and over but holy cow, look how enormous they build their structures! I’m suprised there weren’t any other people (besides Chris and Karen) around the arch when I took this photo. I think it got more crowded once we were moved into the center of the Forum.

“Titus was the emperor who sacked the great Jewish temple in Jerusalem, and the bas-relief sculpture inside the arch shows the booty of the Jews being carried in triumph through the streets of Rome while Titus is crowned by Victory, who comes down from heaven for the occasion. You’ll notice, in particular, the candelabrum, for centuries one of the most famous pieces of the treasure of Rome. In all probability, it lies at the bottom of the Busento River in the secret tomb of Alaric the Goth.”

reference: Frommer’s

Sidenote: Nothing to do with the Forum but this fascinated me…When I copied the text for this image from the Frommer’s website it automatically pasted in the URL of their website. I thought that was pretty cool how they had coded the text to be able to do this. Well, they took it one step further which really blew me away. When you click on the link to Frommer’s it not only brings you to the website, where I copied the information from, but it also highlighted the text in yellow that I copied. How cool is that (and a bit scary that they knew what I copied)!