Fountains at Piazza del Popolo

I admit I may have added a little vibrancy that deepened the blue but I really didn’t need to. The weather was absolutely gorgeous when we were in Rome. We did have a storm pass through one day but it was later in the afternoon and went through fairly quickly. The sky was really this beautiful.

In this shot we have a section of Fontana del Nettuno (top and left image) and a section of Fontana del Obelisco (bottom right). These two fountains are located in Piazza del Popolo. You can go back to the previous blog image to see a panoramic image of Piazza del Popolo.

“The fountains by Giovanni Ceccarini (1822-23), with matching compositions of a central figure flanked by two attendant figures, stand on each side of the Piazza to the east and west, flanked by neoclassical statues of The Seasons (1828). Neptune with two Tritons, stands on the west side, Neptune with his trident is accompanied by two dolphins. Rome between the Tiber and the Aniene on the east side, against the steep slope of the Pincio, represents the terminal mostra of the aqueduct. Dea Roma armed with lance and helmet, and in front is the she-wolf feeding Romulus and Remus.

At the center of the piazza is the Fontana dell’ Obelisco: a group of four mini fountains each comprising a lion on a step plinth, surround the obelisk.”

reference: wikipedia

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  1. Gorgeous blue and detail…I really love the vibrancy adjustment and tend to use it a lot whenever I want to pop the color a bit.
    Jamie, be sure and check out my post today-we’ll be in Boston this weekend!

  2. Lovely triptych. Don’t you just love those perfect blue sky days!

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