Crypta Balbi

We picked a good week in April to be in Italy. It just happened to be Culture Week, where the objective is to increase cultural knowledge and the appreciation for the italian arts. This meant that museums and certain attractions were free. We were able to go to Pompeii and Herculaneum for free as well as a couple of museums. Crypta Balbi is one of those museums. We happened to be walking by this museum and decided to check out the entry fee- bonus it was free. It was a very interesting museum. I didn’t have many images from it but I did take these few shots. I liked how they had pieced together parts of the arches and had the wire frame for you to see how it would have looked. The bottom images shows a shot of some of the many, many artifacts they had inside this museum.

“The specificity of the Crypta Balbi, in the context of the National Roman Museum, is to be a museum of urban archeology, and research that documents the evolution of that space, its settlements and its uses through the centuries.Particular attention is devoted to documenting findings crafts (materials, tools, production) activities in the place postclassica and early age, emphasizing the continuity of work and also the quality of products, generally considered centuries “obscure”, between VII and X.

The exhibition aims to show the evolution over time of activities and settlements, presents findings occurred locally, but also findings from other sites, and is very organized and well documented, including from an educational perspective, describing not widely Only the exhibits on display, but also the historical contexts to which they refer.”

reference: wikipedia

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  1. Oh, another wonderfully informative shot. I’m enjoying this quick trip to italy with you. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Jamie

    Alexandra, glad you are enjoying the Italy information. I knew none of this while I was in Italy so it’s been very informative for me to learn some of the history now.

  3. I agree with Alexandra-I’m considering this series a primer for a future trip to Italy!

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