Largo di Torre Argentina

Once we settled into our hotel we went out to explore our surroundings. The closest ruins to us is called, Largo di Torre Argentina. It is a square that once held four Republican Roman temples, and the remains of Pompey’s Theater. This is also where Brutus stabbed Julius Ceasar in 44 BC.

While we were checking out this site we noticed a cat roaming (pun intended) around in the ruins. Then we saw another one to the left, one behind a column, another sleeping in the grass. We counted at least ten cats at one point. As we wondered why all the cats gathered in this spot (which we aptly named the catacombs) we started walking around to the other side of the square and saw the big sign that said Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary. Come to find out the ruin was now a no-kill shelter for homeless cats (of which Rome has many). I find it rather humorous that an ancient ruin has been made into a cat sanctuary. I also think its wonderful that someone is looking out for these cats.

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  1. Great story with this series! Love it!

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