House of the Relief of Telephus

This is the House of the Relief of Telephus (HotRoT). The only home in Herculaneum with a hallway that led directly into the baths. The home is named after this marble relief. The marble relief shows Achilles consulting an oracle on the left, and Achilles scraping rust from his spearpoint to heal Telephus’ wound on the right.

At first I had the marble relief ready to post with a different set of images but while Googling Herculaneum information I came across the marble artwork and how it was related to this house. I knew I had images of the same house so I was able to throw them all together. I didn’t do a very good job of taking close up images and then taking a wide shot so I would know where the art work was located but I discovered I did do it here. In the bottom right image you can see the marble hanging on the wall.

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  1. Nice views and detail-I love visiting vicariously through your lens! One day I hope to visit in person, but in the meantime, this is as good as it gets!

  2. Jamie

    Thank you, Susan. I highly recommend if you can make the trip to Italy to do it! It’s so amazing to see in person. These pictures really don’t capture the feel of the place (as much as I tried).

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