Pompeii Ampitheatre

You can see Chris way over in the right hand corner. It’s good he’s in the shot because it helps to give perspective on the hugeness of this ampitheater. It’s an amazing piece of architecture. It’s rather surprising that there weren’t more people in this shot. There were bus loads of tour groups at Pompeii but I managed to get this shot in before everyone crowded this area. The bottom image is just a small section of the inside of the ampitheatre.  As you can see a lot of the seating area is covered over with graass.

Here’s some information on the amphitheatre from the BBC website:

“The amphitheatre at Pompeii is the earliest known permanent stone amphitheatre in Italy (and the rest of the Roman world). It was constructed after 70 BC, and belongs to the period of the Roman conquest and colonisation of the town.

The amphitheatre could seat around 20,000 people, and served not only Pompeii but also the inhabitants of surrounding towns. In AD 59, there was a riot in the amphitheatre, in which spectators from Pompeii and the nearby town of Nuceria fought each other, with the result that the Emperor Nero banned games at Pompeii for a period of ten years.”

Memorial blessings to all the men and women who have died in service and God bless those who are still serving today.

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  1. All of this is so amazing…you do a good job here in conveying the immensity of this structure.

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