Arco Naturale

After walking to the Villa Jovis (yesterday’s photo) we had to back track about a half hour’s walk and then headed to the Arco Naturale (Natural Arch). The Fodor’s book says:

“One of Capri’s most famous natural wonders, this geologic arch is all that remains of a large limestone cave that has suffered the erosive effects of wind and rain over the millennia. Once a cave that was likely hollowed out by wave action, it broke apart when lifted up to its present position, hundreds of feet above sea level, in relatively recent geological times (about 1-2 million years ago).”

Don’t you love the color of the water? It really was this luscious blue. Unfortunately, it was a very gray day so the sky was blown out. I did play with the levels on the sky and added a tint of blue to it to give it something. Of course it would have been nice if we had blue sky and puffy white clouds but we were happy it was only drizzling and not pouring out.

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  1. Shirley

    Amazing. Aki was wondering about the water color looking different in different places.

  2. Jamie

    It was truly amazing to see this tropical blue water color. In a couple of weeks when I show photos from the Anacapri side of the island I’ll have photos from a little boat tour we took. The color from those shots is even more luscious.

  3. Breathtaking-the water is so blue and clear!

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