The Adventure Begins…

We left Boston on April 17th at around 7:30pm (our time). As you can see we had beautiful weather that night. I just loved how the sun was reflecting off these windows.  We had a short lay over in Newark, NJ to switch planes for our 8.5 hour flight to Rome. We arrived in Rome on Saturday, April 18th at about 12:30pm (Italy time or 6:30am eastern time). It was a very smooth flight. Once in Rome we had to take the shuttle to Termini station and from there hopped a train to Naples. We were able to get an express train that took just over an hour. Once in Naples we switched to the Circumvesuviana train for another ride that was just over an hour that brought us to Sorrento.

The most difficult part of this part of the trip was trying to figure out how to use the pay phone to call the hotel to pick us up. We finally figured it out and were picked up and brought to the Il Nido Hotel. The hotel is about 10 minutes away from the center of Sorrento up a winding cliff. We arrived at the hotel at 7pm. From the time we left Boston and arrived in Sorrento we had traveled for approximately 20 hours. It makes for a very long day but is worth it to see this beautiful country.

There are three floors to this hotel. The main entrance is at the top and the rooms are located down below. Actually, the very top level is where the cars are parked.

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  1. Shirley

    Jamie…I love the first picture. It is incredible. Breathtaking. I love the first installment and look forward to the rest!!

  2. Aunt Jud & Uncle John

    We’re all packed and ready to go….looks bella!!!

  3. Jamie

    Shirley, I wish I could have walked off the plane and taken this shot from a better angle but I was happy with the results I was able to get from my seat.
    Aunt Jud, I think you’d really like where we stayed although it might be nice to be right in the heart of Sorrento and not have to take the shuttle to and from the hotel.

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