Up close and personal

Last shot of the tulip. I’m fascinated by the detail that makes up this flower. Everything about it is perfect.

It’s 28° outside this morning! Where’s Spring? Actually, I hear it could be close to 70° tomorrow. 

Have a nice Thursday.

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  1. Shirley

    Wow. Amazing… *pause* okay…over my extreme camera envy now 🙂

  2. Actually, the shots this week were not taking with my Rebel XTi camera. We had a really nice day last week so for lunch I grabbed the camera at work and took a walk. Work’s camera is a Canon 30D. It’s a higher level camera than mine. I think it produces more brilliant colors and it also has a better depth of field than my camera can produce. However, my camera fits much nicer in my hand and well costs less. But it is nice being able to use the work camera every once in awhile. I usually say I’m “learning the camera” when I take it out during lunch!

  3. Fantastic detail! 28 degrees?! Is that the norm for this time of year in Boston?!

  4. On weather.com it said 28° but when I went out to my car it said 35°. Which is still cold but not as cold as I thought it would be after checking it online. It’s the typical crazy New England weather. Only in the 40s today and yet tomorrow should be around 70. April is always a strange month weather wise.

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