Anticipation, is keeping me waiting…

It’s been cold around here lately but we did have a couple nice days. Last week, for lunch I walked over to Thaitation (yummy) for takeout. It was so nice out I decided to eat outside instead of heading back to the office. I knew the best place to go would be to the beautiful DD Ramler Park. Well, it’s still early Spring so the park has yet to come to life. The left half of this image was taken last week (I ended up going back a couple days later so I could create this shot). The right side of the image was taken last summer. As you can see it’s pretty bare on the left side but give it a little more time and it will blossom into the place where everyone will want to be.

I hope everyone had a very happy Easter.

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  1. Aunt Jud

    WOW!!! That is really neat Jamie….

  2. Very cool image Jamie. I like this a lot.

  3. Melissa

    That is WAY cool! Can’t wait to see what you take in Italy!

  4. Great concept, Jamie! Love it!

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