Town Brooke

Yesterday my brother, Chris, called to say that he and Karen were going to walk in the MS Walk. He asked if I wanted to join them as a way of getting in shape for our trip to Italy. That’s right, we leave for Italy a week from this coming Friday! I figured I better go on the 10k walk with the camera to get use to the weight of carrying it around.

The walk was in Plymouth so of course we walked through downtown Plymouth and along the water front. This shot is of Town Brooke looking towards Jenny Grist Mill. It was a beautiful 60° yesterday and I could really see signs of Spring coming alive. Notice the green grass and yellow tree- finally!

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  1. Nice shot, Pilgrim.

  2. What a lovely place…nice shot! I would love to go to Italy one day…it’s tops on my “list”. Can’t wait to see your photos when you return!

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