Norris Reservation

We had a beautiful weekend in New England. Saturday was in the low 60s and yesterday was in the mid 50s. Hard to believe it’s back into the 30s today with the possiblity of snow! Taking advantage of the nice weather, my brother, Chris and I went on a hike so I could get some photos for the blog. I did a Google search for places on the south shore and came up with Norris Reservation in Norwell. Trails had us meandering along the North River, surrounding wetlands, a brook and a pond. Here we have a section of the North River. Looks like the houses in the background have a beautful spot all year round.

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  1. What a beautiful landscape full of colour and texture!

  2. Glad to hear that some warmer weather has found it’s way north finally! This is a beautiful landscape…love the detail!

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