Manatee Creek Dock

This walkway is located in front of the place where my parents are renting. Here we are looking at part of the Manatee Creek that was seen in yesterday’s shot. There is also a walkway on the left very similar to this one. Most days I would walk out on either walkway and see if I could locate any wildlife. There was a bench at the end that you could sit on and relax while enjoying the scenery. If the weather had been warmer I would have taken a book out there and just soaked in all up. Instead I wandered around briefly and then went back inside where it was warmer and read my book.

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  1. Pretty. I like the lines in this shot. It’s too bad it wasn’t warmer for you there this year!

  2. I’m hoping next year is warmer. I was lucky that last year was warmer than usual when I was there. But I’m lucky to be able to take a week off and drive down with my parents.

  3. Love the way you’ve captured this with the walkway leading down to the boat…nice dof!

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