This is part of a large banner that was hanging on the Museum School of Art’s building. Back in Sept. they had a marketing campaign for the Museum School Art Sale last November. This graphic was on a banner hanging from the school and also on buses and trains. What really caught my eye with this graphic was that it seemed as if they were advertising a sick bag from an airplane. To top it off the art sale was called InsideOut. I think their insides are coming out in this graphic. I fly back from Florida tomorrow…lets hope I don’t need one of these!

Wednesday night tied a record low in Stuart, Florida at 32 degrees! Yesterday only made it to 51. It was very windy so it felt more like in the forties. Not much for beach weather.  Instead we ended up going out to a movie and dinner.

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  1. Wow, this week went fast… Sorry it was so cold for you down there. Have a good trip back—can’t wait to see your FL pics!

  2. Really interesting image…ah, artists! Hope you had a good flight home and maybe brought some of the warmer FL weather back with you (hey, 30’s is still better than the teens and 20’s)!

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