Twin Palms

We should be on the road to Florida around the time this is photo is posted. By Sunday I should be seeing these palms trees again. We are staying in the same place as last year, which was a short walk from this harbor. Hopefully, I won’t come back with too many duplicates from last year’s photos. Next week’s images will be some left overs from the past few month and maybe a little update on what we’ve been doing in Florida.

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  1. Jamie –
    Have a great time in Florida. And please, bring some warm weather when you come back.

  2. Hey Jamie,
    I’m enjoying your blog in very cold NY! We’ll be up this summer for the week of the 4th, looking forward to spending some time with the cousins when its warm!

  3. Quite a different view…where in FL is this? I used to live in Ft. Lauderdale and this shot reminds me of it. Have a great time and soak up the sun!

  4. Hope the drive went smoothly. Have a great time down in sunny (and warm) Florida!

  5. This shot was taken in Stuart, Florida. We just arrived Sunday afternoon and the weather is around 67. It feels great!

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