Lucy takes charge

Here’s Lucy taking over as director of the Christmas pageant. That’s Linus and Charlie Brown in the background.

The backdrop for this image is scrapbook paper I got for Christmas but found it worked even better as a backdrop. Again I used my new umbrella to shoot the flash through and used a reflector to bounce the light onto the right side. I think the lighting came out pretty well but I still have a lot more to figure out with this setup.

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  1. Aunt Jud

    Great picture Jamie……Lucy rules!

  2. Shirley

    Lucy looks too nice!
    The boys have been enjoying a collection of old Peanuts comics we picked up at the library last week.

  3. Shirley I saw you had a Peanuts book on your library list and it made me smile.

  4. love the use of the wrapping paper…perfect. Also nice dof and the lighting looks great-nice job!

  5. This post has been selected as PixyBlog’s Daily Shot for Wed, 7 Jan 2009

  6. These are wonderful!!! Love that Lucy rules!!!!

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